Monday, February 10, 2020

NGOs are an effective force in processes of conflict resolution and Essay

NGOs are an effective force in processes of conflict resolution and healing. Discuss using examples - Essay Example The cause of violence in schools is caused by peer influence that is becoming a more compelling influence upon social acceptance and rejection, parental attachment show a stronger statistical relationship with hostility and delinquency (Dodge & Somberg 1987). Human beings have always been influential in finding the most effective ways to resolve conflicts or crime in the society. The advent of the criminal justice system was the consequence of similar efforts and the experiences shows that the formal system of criminal justice, due to many reasons, has not been fully successful in achieving its mandate in most countries. Mounting court arrears, delay in case disposal and consistent rising rate of acquittals has resulted in the loss of public confidence in the system. Furthermore, it was felt that the victims of crime who are to be in the center are usually sidelined in the criminal justice process. Whichever the outcome of the court case, the victim does not get any considerable gain to mitigate his/her victimization and nothing will help to restore and repair the damage caused. In the search for alternative to litigation, it would be a necessity to dwell on those judicial process facets which promote the capability of the system to dispense the expectations that judges and courts render justice objectively and impartially. This paper tends to seek to explain the role played my mediation as a traditional way of resolving conflicts in today’s society that replaces court of law. Moreover, this paper seeks to explain deeply the mystery behind mediation as a tool to resolve disputes over the years. In the end, the goal is to provide a clear and better support for the ongoing and future mediation efforts in peace processes. Discussion Mediation is the process of third party intervention in the case of environmental disputes between two or three parties who are on a disagreement. Its characteristics include voluntary participation and agreement as well as conf idential. United Nations (2008) explains that third parties are organizations or organization called upon or has volunteered to manage or settle issues between conflicting parties. Mediation is known to be a mystery and most of the peace processes are a success story while some are dismal failures, and most are a combination of the two. This process is extremely complex and difficult as one has to help in transition of a society from war to peace taking in to consideration the fact that the parties in conflict use military means to attain their objectives. It gets even worse when it can result in the killing of thousands or more in the process. During mediation, dispute parties may start to realize that they can gain a lot from negotiation than from fighting. This, however, takes time as the mediators needs to also understand their intentions and motives, and why they chose use of arms in settling disputes (Mrcela 2009). The role of mediation/mediator Mediation is usually appropriat e for settling disputes like those brought about by both verbal and behavioral message misinterpretation, communication problems, personal conflicts, harassment and deception (Mrcela 2009). In special cases, mediation can be used to resolve disputes between work groups or trade unions, or management on one end and employees on the other end. An example is in Slovenian organizations where

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